Aragen Life Sciences Hyderabad Jobs Vacancy 2022  Associate Scientist  MSC, M Tech  – Apply Now

Hiring Aragen life Sciences – Hyderabad – Role: Associate Scientist.

Technical skill : – Proficient in handling Akta systems- Pure, Prime, Go, Avant etc. – Protein purification by various chromatographic techniques- Affinity, Ion exchange, GFC, HIC, MMC etc.

– Experience with antibody purification- mAbs, Bispecifics, Fabs, scFvs, Fc- Fusions etc. – Experience with purification of antigens, E3 ligases and target proteins etc.

– Inclusion of body purification and refolding. – Standard Protein QC – SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting etc.

Responsibilities: – Execute the experiments as per the guidance from the manager. – Maintain and ensure the highest data integrity and adhere to related policies.

– Maintain the lab notebooks with proper recording of data. – Organized storage of the raw data in the designated storage space – Maintenance and usage of equipment/instruments as per SOPs.

– Essential Team player with good interaction with other team members. – Enhance knowledge in the work area through formal and informal means of learning.

Qualification: MSc/MTech in any of the applied biological sciences (Eg., Biotechnology, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry etc.)

Experience: 6- 8 years after M.Sc./M. Tech. in an industry set up. – Interested candidates with desired qualifications, please share their CV at